Helen Kim
Helen Kim
Username TotalDramaFreak2132
HoH Wins 2
PoV Wins 1
Nominations 0
Placement TBA

Big Brother Season 1

Helen Kim is a contestant from Big Brother Season 1. On Day 1, Helen won the first HoH competition called "First Impressions" by receiving the most votes from her fellow housemates. On Day 2, Helen nominated Jun, Wil and Zach for eviction. On Day 15, Helen won her second HoH in a competition called "Big Brother Bios" by writing the best biography of the time her houseguest spent in the Big Brother house. On Day 16, Helen nominated Candice for eviction as her target and Jun and Wil as pawns next to her. On Day 17, Helen won a Power of Veto competition called "Puzzled" by completing a jigsaw puzzle in the fastest time. On Dau 19, Helen chose to use the Veto to save Jun from the chopping block, leaving Candice and Wil as the final nominees.